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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


My Family

MACH Mischief Makin' Emma Rose

Bounty, Emma & Oliver


MACH3 Trinity's Quicker Picker Upper RN SWA SCE SEE SBE DM NW2

Our Story

Hi!  I'm Linda and I love training with my dogs and helping dog teams become the best they can be! I love setting up scent scenarios and watching the dogs figure out the puzzle. I love the thrill of the search and reading my dogs. 


I discovered nose work when my older girl, Emma, retired from agility after getting her Master Agility Championship (MACH) and I fell in love with the sport. I've learned the sport from some of the best and I currently train under the tutelage of Stacy Barnett of Scentsabilities Nosework. I compete with my dogs in the top levels of scent work in the American Kennel Club (AKC) and National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW).


I have had dogs most of my life starting with my family breeding German Shepherds. While attending school, I competed in conformation (Junior Showmanship) until I was 18. In the late 90s I got my first Labrador retriever, Molly Brown.  She was a dark chocolate rescue and she started me on this journey (thanks to Reeda Buglewicz for introducing me to Mary Kay Grahn!).


I have trained two of my dogs (Joker and Emma) to compete in Hunt Tests (simulated duck hunting) where we attained our Master Hunter (MH) titles. I also actively compete in Agility with Bounty. She is working on her 4th MACH and is often on the Bad Dog Agility's Breed Power 10 list and AKC's Top 25 List. I love to learn new things to find ways to spend time with my dogs. With each new dog sport I learn, it helps me be a better teammate for my dogs and the best instructor for my students.  


I am a positive reinforcement dog trainer and I strive to make learning fun!  I help my clients become the best handler they can be for their canine partner by helping them build a true relationship with their dog.  I am committed to preparing my clients for competition at all levels.

I am super excited about the next step of my NACSW nose work trials! I look forward to bringing trials to Northwest Florida and the surrounding area. I love building the nose work community.


Remember life is short and it's meant to be fun!!! 

Happy Sniffing Y'all!!!

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